Marianna, Florida -- For the first time ever, members of the media were allowed inside the infamous white house at the now closed Dozier School for Boys. Former inmates of the school say the white house is where they were beaten with boards and whips by guards until they were bloodied.

Robert Straley of Clearwater says he was beaten inside the building the early 1960's.

On Wednesday, the media toured the building with U.S. Senator Bill Nelson who vowed to find out what really happened at the school.

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University of South Florida anthropologists and archaeologists say they have uncovered 50 grave sites on the campus of Dozier, which is 19 more than officially reported.

The researchers also say they have found 98 deaths occurred at the school between 1914 and 1973 which is 17 more than previously stated.

In addition, USF says its identified discrepancies in records of the cause and manner of death reported for several boys.

USF is hoping to exhume bodies at the school to get an accurate count on how many boys are buried at Dozier, but researchers need a judge's approval first.

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