CATHLAMET, Wash. (CBS/AP) --A 911 dispatcher inWashington state called on her own mother to rescue a stranded boater inthe Columbia River, knowing her mother could kayak to the area fasterthan sending the sheriff's office patrol boat.

Thesheriff's office says a 45-year-old kayaker was hanging onto a logpiling Sunday after her kayak sank in swift current near a jetty.

The Daily News reportsWahkiakum County dispatcher Raedyn Grasseth notified the sheriff'soffice and then realized her mother, Cindy Faubion, and other members ofGrasseth's family lived nearby and could get there quicker.

They paddled to the piling in a kayak and skiff and rescued the kayaker.

The kayaker was cold and shaken, but didn't need medical attention.

"She's lucky she's alive, plain and simple," Grasseth told the Daily News.

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