Lakeland, Florida --Polk County Sheriff's deputies arrested a woman after she illegally moved into a foreclosed home in Lakeland.

The investigation began at the end of March,when Cynthia Westley reached an amicable foreclosure agreement withher lender and voluntarily vacated her home inLakeland.

Westleymade frequent visits to the home to maintain its upkeep.

On March 29, Westley noticedthe locks had been changed and unfamiliar items had been moved into the house. She contacted the lender, who told her they had not put new locks on thehouse and denied granting anyone permission to enter the residence.

Westleythen contacted Polk County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies arrived on scene and found31-year-old Stacey Ann Fuchs livinginside thehome. Fuchs told the deputies that she had researched "adverse possession" on the Internet, and based on the information she foundonline, felt it was her right to move into the vacated home.

Fuchs also admittedto changing the locks on the house. Fuchs was placed under arrest and bookedinto the Polk County Jail on one count burglary and one count grand theft.

Deputies previously arrested Lessie Hurdin a similar, unrelated investigation. Hurd also changed the locks on a different house and claimed "adverse possession."

In light of these burglaries deputes are encouraging people to frequently visit their property and report any suspicious activity.

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