St. Petersburg, Florida -- Pinellas County Sheriff's Office have arrested a convenience store clerk for selling spice items.

On April 2, detectives arrested Nadeem Malik for selling spice. Malik is a convenience store clerk at the Sunshine Food and Gifts located on Gulf Boulevard in St. Petersburg Beach.

In Pinellas County the attorney general has issued an emergency order which bans the chemical substance known as spice. This is the first arrest made under this order.

Detectives received information that illegal substances were being sold at the St. Pete Beach convenience store earlier this year. On January 9th and 11thMalik sold K-2/spice items to an undercover Pinellas County Narcotics detective.

On April 2nd, detectives returned to the store to arrestMalik. While in the store, Malik voluntarily surrendered four large zip-lock freezer bags containing different types of "potpourri" items.

According to reports, Malik told deputies that he sells the substances under the direction of the store owner.

Malik was arrested and was transported to the Pinellas County Jail.

Among the items surrendered were:

  • 104 small cannisters of the same K-2 spice purchase by the undercover detective
  • 29 additional canisters with a different date and with a disclaimer stating it complied with current legal guidelines
  • 122 foil packages containing similar substances. The substances have been sent for analysis.

The approximate value of the items is $2,280.

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