Brandon, Florida --Early-stage breast cancer can sometimes be treated with a week's worth of radiation, versus the standard six- to seven-week treatment.

Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation, or APBI, uses a balloon-type device placed inside where a woman has undergone a lumpectomy.

Then, doctors are able to give a a high dose rate of brachytherapy. Women over 50 years oldwho have gone through menopause and had a small tumor can be candidates for the treatment. The catheter-type device allows the breast cavity to get treated for 10 minutes twice a day, greatly cutting down the treatment time.

"It's a very well-tolerated procedure," Dr. John Koval told 10 News. "It's very convenient in a sense for people who have transportation problems, older ladies."

Dr. Koval added there are very few recurrences of cancer after undergoing APBI.

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