St. Petersburg, Florida -- St. Pete's City Council will look Thursday at banning "spice" -- synthetic drugs for sale in convenience stores, available to anyone.

Try to sell this stuff in their town and they will shut you down. That's the decision the St. Petersburg City Council is likely to make today.

They're considering a new city ordinance that would outlaw sales of any synthetic drugs that may, right now, skirt the edge of being legal.

Police busted Meherun Nessa last week at a drive-thru convenience store she owns near Tyrone Square Mall.

Detectives say she was selling "spice," or synthetic marijuana, in packages labeled "Mr. Happy Potpourri."

The authority officers used to arrest her at the time was an emergency order that came from Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. It bans certain chemicals used to make "spice" or "K-2" as illegal.

The trouble is, the chemical formulas manufacturers use are changing all the time, in part to try to stay legal.

But, of course, mixing up chemicals can create some man-made drugs that are downright dangerous for the people who take them. Plus, it can take labs weeks to identify the specific chemicals in a batch of "spice" seized by

That's why St. Pete's City Council is looking at banning all of what they call "illicit synthetic drugs" without getting specific on the chemicals inside.

If it passes, the new city ordinance looks like it would make the law in the City of St. Petersburg more strict than the state or federal laws in place at the moment.

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