Tampa, FL -- If you believe what Joshua Hakken posted online, he thought: "every religion from Christianity to Atheism (was) a plague."

The father of two boys also thought he was "the luckiest man alive" and he claimed his interests included sailing and shooting.

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His interest in shooting may also explain why he frequented and posted on a website for owners of Kel-Tec semi-automatic pistols.

Online,Hakken often posted under the name "SailingBull." That was the name he posted under on the website Adam vs. The Man, a site for libertarian activist Adam Kokesh.

The mailbox outside Hakken's modest 1,500 square-foot South Tampa home also gives a big clue that Hakken may have believed in conspiracy theories like those promoted on the site, which is run by radio host Alex Jones."" is spraypainted on the mailbox of the 35-year-old's S. Sterling Ave. home.

Records show Hakken's trouble with the law began last summer when police were called to a Slidell, Louisiana hotel for a disturbance involving Hakken and his wife.

At the hotel, officials say Hakken was found in possession of pot and other drug paraphernalia and talked about the family "completing their ultimate journey" and traveling across the country to "take a journey to the Armageddon."

Hakken's kids were in the hotel room and so the boy's father was also charged with Use of a Controlled and Dangerous Substance in the Presence of Minors.

Following Hakken's arrest, his kids were placed in foster care but two weeks later, authorities say Hakken showed up at the foster care facility waiving a gun. He eventually left when he couldn't get in.

Slidell Police say a warrant was issued for Hakken's arrest in August when he failed to appear in court. Then on Tuesday of this week, Hakken's kids were turned over to the boy's grandparents.

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