Tampa, FL --The search continues for a Tampa couple accused of kidnapping their non-custodial kids.

Joshua and Sharyn Hakken could be just about anywhere by now, say investigators, but theyare getting a lot of tips after a nationwide Amber Alert was issued and images started appearing on Billboards from here to California.

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On Thursday, the children's grandmother -- who was tied upbefore the boys were taken from her Wednesday morning --was expected to speak. But at the last minute,officials decided the time wasn't right.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's office did, however,release a portion of the 911 call that was made.

Patricia Hausertells the dispatcher herson-in-law Joshua Hakken has just tied her up and kidnapped his two sons, 4-year-old Chase and 2-year-old Cole.

"He's not supposed to be near them. He's been missing for nine months," she tells them.

"He tied me up. I was able to remove myself with a pair of scissors, but they've been gone about a half an hour."

Sources tell 10 News Hakken was not armed at the time of the kidnapping.

They're still searching for his 2006 Black Sierra pick-up, Florida license U95KT, and say it could be anywhere by now.

As survivalists, he and his wife Sharyn could be at a remote camp site, or perhaps heading toward sympathizers in California.

Col. Donna Lusczynski with the Hillsborough County Sheriff'sOffice say the concern right now is for the well-being of the children and spreading word of their abduction.

"We're working on getting information about the children onto billboards across the southeast and southwest portions of the country," said Lusczynski.

Investigators are also releasing more details which explaintheir concern for the boys.

While they do not believe the children are inimmediate danger, sources describe the Kakkens as armed survivalists who've spoken about "Armageddon."

Last June, heading to the west coast with the boys they got into trouble in Slidell, Louisiana.It was there that their troubles started to snowball.

Police in Louisiana say the Hakkens were attending an anti-government rally, and were later arrested for creating a disturbance at their hotel.

In their room police found drugs, weapons, and the two boys.

The couple also alarmed authorities, telling them about "completing their ultimate journey" and taking a "journey to Armageddon" - somewhere in California.

The children were placed in temporary foster care, but it got even more serious when Joshua showed up at the foster home "with a firearm demanding the return of his children," said the report.

The boys were soon thereafter placed with their grandmotherin Tampa, and for the next nine months, they did not see their parents.

Fast forward to this pastTuesday when, after months of legal wrangling, officials in Louisiana stripped the couple of their parental rights.

The next daythe Hakkens took the kids.

"They probably didn't agree with that decision and unfortunately it may have been a misjudgment on their part," said FBI Special Agent Dave Couvertier.

"What we're hoping for right now is - we don't expect or anticipate - them hurting the children."

But thetalk of a journey to Armageddon coupled with the drugs, Joshua Hakken's violent outburst in Louisiana, and now the kidnapping, that has officials worried.

It's not about the couple's anti-government sentiments, they insist.

"Individual beliefs, that's fine. It's our constitutional right that you can believe in whatever you want to believe in. It's the manner in which the kids were taken that concerns law enforcement and the reason we're taking the steps we're taking," said Couvertier.

Tips have been coming in from all over. At one point Thursday there was a flurry of activity in Tennessee.

But so far nothing has panned out.

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