Hudson, Florida-- Hayden Meserve lives across the street from Fivay High School and says his quiet, Thursday afternoon was interrupted by a set of horrible sounds.

"I was watching TV and all of a sudden I heard a big, loud thump noise and a screech mark," said Meserve.

16-year old Ocean-Leigh McKenzie Marshall, a sophomore at the school was hit not once, but twice by two separate vehicles traveling in opposite directions on Chicago Avenue.

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"I walked outside and I saw this F-150 and a girl laying underneath it," said Meserve.

Marshall was rushed by ambulance to the Medical Centers at Bayonet Pointe with serious injuries. State Troopers say it appears she walked out in front of traffic.

"I heard a crash and I thought it was two cars, but I heard the thump which was two thirds of a mile... I mean it was loud," said another neighbor, Raymond Colligan.

But Colligan says it's not the first time he's witnessed a near fatal accident in the same spot.

"This is almost two years to the date when somebody ran that stop sign and took out the corner of my fence here where I live."

He said regardless of who was at fault in Thursday's crash, the county needs to take action now to slow traffic on the busy roadway.

"Yes, a lot's got to be done! They've got to slow this traffic down 'til they put a caution light in, put a four way stop in, and have more police presence until people start following the law."

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