Jacksonville, FL (Florida Today) -- A Satellite Beach man accused of first-degree murder in the shootingdeath of a 17-year-old in Jacksonville, an incident that police saidfollowed an argument over loud music coming from the teen's car, isscheduled to go to trial in September.

MichaelDavid Dunn, 46, is accused of killing Jordan Davis outside aJacksonville area gas station on Nov. 23. Davis was shot to death in thebackseat of an SUV that was parked near Dunn's vehicle.

Inan interview with investigators, Dunn said he fired shots because hefeared for his own life, our news partners at First Coast Newsreported.

"Therewas an SUV next to us and then the music starts. I rolled down mywindow and I thought I was polite, and I asked the nicely, I didn'tdemand. I said, 'Hey, would you guys mind turning that down?' They shut itoff and I was like, 'Thank you,'" the news station quotes Dunn saying.

But the man claims minutes later the music was turned up again and a passenger began threatening him.

"Isaw a barrel come up on the window, like a single shot shotgun wherethis is a barrel ... It was either a barrel or a stick, but sir, they'relike, 'We are going to kill you' and then they said, 'You are a dead(expletive),'" he told investigators.

Dunn said he nextreached into his glove box, pulled out his 9 mm handgun and fired fourtimes, then shot four more rounds as the SUV drove away, FirstCoast News reported.

Police said the people in the SUV wereunarmed. Dunn and his girlfriend returned to Brevard County the dayafter the shooting, but a witness who wrote down the couple's licenseplate provided information leading police to Dunn's Satellite Beachcondo.

He was arrested a day later.

According to theAssociated Press, a Duval County judge set the trial date - Sept. 23 -during a hearing Tuesday. State Attorney Angela Corey asked for the weekof Aug. 12, while Dunn's attorney said he would need at least sixmonths to prepare.

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