Tampa, Florida - The images from Havana showa normal family walking around in what appears to be a marina office.

4-year-old Cole Hakkencan be seen walking, while 2-year-oldChase is in his stroller, pushed by his mother Sharyn.

The question remains: how will the kidsbe affected by all this?

"Children cope best when families don't get crazed and hysterical. Something bad happened, and we're going to deal with it," says longtime psychologist Dr. Joe Saturley.

In his nearly two decades of practice, Dr. Saturleyhas seen many cases of childcustody gone awry. He says these children will have a lot of questions.

"They're extremely inquisitive. I'm sure the 4-year-old is going, 'Grandma, where were we? And, we came back on this plane! We don't know why this happened, and where's mom and dad?' It's going to be confusing for them."

The good news here: because these boys are young,Dr. Saturley says they should bounce back quickly. But, what do you tell them when they begin asking where's mommy and daddy?

Dr. Saturley tells 10 News, "What you do is share information that's appropriate for their developmental stage. You wouldn't say mom and dad kidnapped you and they're going to jail forever. You'd say, 'Mom and dad did something they shouldn't have. The judge has treated them, and they've gone away for a while.'"

Dr. Saturley believes that there was most likely very little trauma involved during the trip to Cuba. The mother and father probably told their children that this was simply an adventure, a vacation on a boat.

"I presume that this was fairly normalized to them, that maybe they sailed with mom and dad before. They wouldn't know they were in Cuba, and even if they did, that they knew they were in Cuba, it wouldn't mean anything to them," says Dr. Saturley.

Experts say the best thing the grandparents can do now is get the boys in a routine as quickly as possible. Dr. Saturley tell us the children could face problems as they get older.

"When these children reach adolescence, they may wonder where their parents are, they may wonder what happened and why," Dr. Saturley told us.

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