St. Petersburg, Florida-- The 10 News Taste Testing Team is at it again, this time with three versions of the new McDonald's Premium McWrap.

The team chose to sampleMcDonald's new wrapsbecause the fast-food joint plans to sell them for a steal- just two dollars- through April 11.

And though McDonald's Premium McWraps come with crispy chicken in three flavors, the crew considered calories, and grabbed the grilled version of each instead.

Mike, who tends to be the toughest tester, kicked things off with the Grilled Chicken & Bacon McWrap. His face lit up and "Mmmm!" filled the room as he finished the first bite.

McDonald's website lists ingredients of hickory-smoked bacon, two half slices of tomato, spring greens, lettuce, cheddar jack cheese and a creamy garlic sauce- and Mike enjoyed every bit of this McWrap's mixture.

The Grilled Chicken & Bacon Premium McWrap contains440 calories, while thecrispy version has 600.

Disclaimer: In the video, he happens to mistake the creamy garlic sauce for ranch, so we want to clear up that there is not ranch dressing on the Chicken & Bacon McWrap!

Kip sampled the GrilledSweet Chili Chicken McWrap which according to McDonald's, hasgrilled chicken breast filet, crisp cucumber slices, spring greens, shredded lettuce, and a sweet chili and creamy garlic sauce.

"As far as flavor goes...thumbs up," he said after his first bite.

McDonald's lists theGrilled Sweet Chili Chicken McWrapas the lowest in calories of them all, with 360. TheCrispy versionhas 520.

Kip also munched on the final McWrap flavor- the Grilled Chicken & Ranch- and felt it did not compare to the Sweet Chili Chicken one.

The combination of grilled chicken breast filet two half slices of tomato, cucumber slices, spring greens, shredded lettuce, cheddar jack cheese, seasoned rice vinegar and buttermilk ranchcomes to 430 calories.

The wrap with crispy chicken and the same ingredientscontains 590.

Each of the McWraps has a flour tortilla- already included in the calorie count.

As mentioned, McDonald's will offer their crispy or grilled Premium McWraps in each flavor for $2 through April 11, but the 10 News Taste Testers feel the regular price of around $4 is reasonable too.

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