Panama City, Florida -- It sounds like a belated April Fools joke, but he swears he's serious.

An online newspaper reports a Panama City, Florida man is documenting his quest to become a feminine pad.

The Daily Dot says the man, who's even legally changed his name to "Pad," wants to specifically become a Kotex pad, because of "their association with the color pink."

Next he's looking for a female volunteer to, well... use him for such a purpose.

There is a growing community of people who identify themselves as "Otherkin," which is when a person identifies themselves as actually being non-human, although the Daily Dot notes Pad doesn't quite fall into that category.

Next month Pad plans a walk across the U.S. to "promote pad usage and to prevent [Toxic Shock Syndrome] related to tampon use."

Visit the Daily Dot for their full report on Pad.

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