Tampa, FL --For the first time, we got a chance to meet Chase and Cole Hakken.

Thetwo little boys, kidnapped by their non-custodial parents last week in Tampa, were found in Cuba and brought back to the U.S. on Thursday morning.

Their parentsare now behind bars and were appointed a public defender Thursday, but are still being held without bond at least untilanother hearing set for Friday.

Theboys have been reunited with their custodial grandparents, Bob and Patricia Hauser.

The childrenare doing well, andlooked healthy and happy as they were introduced to the press on the front lawn of the Hauser's home in Tampa. It was the same home they'd been snatched from one week ago.

"This is Cole and this is Chase. Say hi to everyone," Patricia Hauser urged the boys.

"Hi!" they said.

To look at 4-year-old Chase and 2-year-old Cole hamming it up in front of a dozen TV cameras, you'd think they were oblivious to the seriousness of their international kidnapping saga.

That's because they are.

"They've been told that everyone heard about their sailboat trip to Cuba, another country as they called it, and their airplane ride back to America and that everyone wants to take their picture," said Patricia.

"We ask that there be no mention of any of the events of the past week," she added.

Patricia and Bob Hauser, the boys' custodial grandparents, thanked law enforcement, the press and the public.

They took a few questions about the grandsons, but not their daughter Sharyn or son-in-law Joshua Hakken, who had tied-up Patricia before swiping the kids last week.

"As you can see, I'm doing fine," said Patricia.

The Hakken boys also seem no worse for wear.They do have a bunchof mosquito bites from their trip to Havana.

On the couple's front lawn, theyplayed with their toys, danced and even sang.

The Hausers have been raising the Hakken boys for close to nine months, ever since their parents were arrested in Louisiana last June on drug and weapons charges.

"Having the boys here is just amazing," said Bob.

"I come home from work at the end of a bad day and the boys will come up - hugging me - 'Bubba's home, Bubba's home'... it's just wonderful," said Bob. "We wouldn't trade it for anything."

Noticeably absent from the press conference was the family dog, which had also made the journey to Cuba and back.

But at 15 years old Nati, a terrier, hadn't been feeling well, and they were afraid she might be overwhelmed by all the attention.

And it's that attentionthat the Hausers made it clear: they've had enough of as well.

They asked for privacy after Thursday so that Chase and Cole can try to live normal lives. Or at least as normal as possible under the circumstances.

"We are just letting them tell us, as things come out, if they feel like talking," said Patricia.

"We're just treating it as, they went on a vacation."

The Hausers were also asked about their plans for the boys and whether, perhaps, they would consider adopting them.

They said it was still very early and wanted to speak with officials here in Florida and in Louisiana before deciding what they'll eventually do.

The Hausers mentioned "cousins" the boys enjoy playing with, but did not elaborate on how close-by the relatives live or how often they see them.

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