Wesley, Chapel, FL -- An estimated 3.4 million vehicles worldwide are being recalled because of defective airbags.

The airbags were installed in some Toyotas, Hondas, Nissans and Mazdas from late 2000 to early 2004.The airbags in question were made by Takata at a plant in Mexico.

The company says because of a defect in the propellant used in the airbag inflator, there're a risk of fires starting or of a passenger being injured.

Michael Speigl, a managing partner at Wesley Chapel Honda says car owners should be notified by mail if they are affected by this recall.

"You'll receive a notice in the mail from your manufacturer and if you have any questions you can call the local dealers of your manufacturer," Speigl told 10 News.

Speigl says fixing this problem will take between two to four hours. He notes there is no out of pocket cost to the car owner, since the recall is covered by the manufacturer.

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