Palm Harbor, Florida -- Little Kaiden zips around in a walker Thursday showing no signs of any trauma. The only hint of it is the hospital band still around his ankle and the near constant snuggles and kisses from Dad.

"I can't even explain," Nick Leonardo says with a sigh. "Just so happy; one point you think you're never going to bring him home and hold him again and then you get to hold him."

On Wednesday, Kaiden managed to get his walker through an opening in the sliding glass doors and onto the pool deck and from there, it was over the edge.

Nick found his boy, still in the walker and upside down in the water. He was unresponsive and there's no telling how long he'd been there.

"He was completely blue, completely blue," describes a still shaken Nick.

But somehow this young father, just 22, kept his cool and the CPR he'd learned at work came back to him. By the time paramedics arrived, Kaiden had spit up and was making noise.

The family moved into the rental house just two weeks ago and they had purchased door alarms, but the one on that particular slider had fallen off. A gate that was supposed to keep the door from opening so wide was also ajar.

Things go wrong and Kaiden nearly paid the ultimate price.

So now, with his son back at home, Nick has a message for other parents: Learn CPR, install baby barriers around pools and treasure your time.

"Just enjoy every moment," Nick says, his voice breaking with emotion. "It made me realize how quick things can go. I'm going to cherish every moment that I get to spend with him.

The family does plan to install more safety devices in the pool area. For more information on how to keep your pool safe click here.

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