Oldsmar, Florida -- For the past 10 years, Jon Johnson has been the head professional at the Tampa Bay Downs Golf Facility. Wherever he's been in his golf career, during the second week in April, he always returns to Augusta National Golf Club.

"I've played the golf course tens and tens of times, so it's not new to me," Jon Johnson told 10 News. "But it's still a lot of fun being there."

He worked the Masters, when he was an assistant pro at Augusta National, for three years back in the early 1980's. After he left, the Masters people still asked him back, to work as a supervisor in the huge Masters merchandising department.

"When you buy merchandise, you have four options. You can carry it around with you, which is no. You can carry it back to your car, which is a long way. You can ship it. Or you can check it at the check stand, which is where I am. I have about 20 people working for me at the check stand. And it's free of charge."

The Masters won't allow Jon to talk about how big a business tournament merchandising has become.

"You cannot buy Masters merchandise online, or on the phone. You can only buy it for seven days out of the year, at the tournament."

It's not a vacation by any means for Jon. He's working most of the week. But when Thursday rolls around, he can watch a little golf.

"The main thing is how hilly it is. How hilly it is going up number 1, and going up number 9. How much walking you do. That's the main thing, how big it is, and how green it is."

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