TAMPA, FL -- While some of us think it's easy to spot scams, a lot of times, vulnerable people --and oftenthe elderly who aren't as familiar with e-mail and the internet -- get caught up in them and can lose a lot of money.

When people receive mass mailings that often look like spam or requests for money, many of us forget that there's actually a living, breathing scammer at the other end of that email...just watching and waiting.

Here are my top three ways to avoid a scam online.

1. Ifan offer seems to good to be true and it's from a company you don't recognize, walk away.

2. Check all websites or stores you might be shopping with by and typing in the URL. I also recommend a check with the Better Business Bureau by clicking here.

3.CLICK HERE to use Norton's Safe Web free website checker, a great resource to determine whether a website is safe enough to visit in the first place.

You can also ask many any money or e-shopping question byCLICKING HERE.

Have a great weekend.

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