Pasco County, Florida -- Deputies called to a suspected burglary ended up chasing the suspect and tasing him twice.

Deputies were called to a home in Dade City because of a possible burglary. Upon arrival they found Michael Avalos Jr. standing in front of the house. At the sigh of the deputies, Avalos started yelling at the deputies and then fled the scene on foot.

Avalos got away but a witness told deputies they saw him running into the woodson the opposite side of SR 575.

Deputies began patrolling the woods and came upon the defendant as he exited the woodline in the area of SR 575 and Sanderson Rd.

Avalos had a large log in his hands which he held like a baseball bat. Reportedly, he yelled at the deputies, threatening to kill them and began to advancing towards them.

Deputy Smith drew his taser and pointed it at Avalos commanding him to drop the log. Avalos said "you're going to have to kill me first" and continued to advance toward the deputies.

Smith begin the transition to his firearm and Avalos dropped the log and took off running again.

Deputy Smith chased him until Avalos stopped and turned taking up a boxers stance. Smith deployed his taser and Avalos dropped to the ground screaming. As he fell one of the wires from the taser broke and the taser no longer had an effect.

Avalos jumped up and took off running again.

Again he stopped to fight Deputy Smith yelling, "I've got the devil in me" and Smith sprayed him in the face with pepper spray.

According to reports, Avalos then said "you're going to have to kill me." He continued with a fighters stance and started moving around in an apparent attempt to find a good time to attack Smith who squared off and prepared for a fight.

Avalos said "It's your funeral" as Smith raised his fists into a fighters stance.

Avalos again turned and fled on foot.

At that time two other deputies arrived and they caught up with Avalos. After trying to reason with him he fled again.

He was caught and tasered once again. This time he was secured while the taser was still active.

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