You can't watch golf on TV without seeing them. Commercial after commercial for the fanciest, newest equipment. But, what about trying out some old, original equipment? You hardly see THAT anymore.

"Golf has changed more than any other game," said Kody Kirchoff."It's just different and to learn the history of how it was played became exciting to me."

A group called the Florida Hickory Golfers is trying to bring tradition back to the game by playing with hickory clubs. Once a month, the members get together for 18 holes the old way.

"I started playing hickory in November of last year," Bryan Bruce said while wearing traditional golf attire from the early 1900s. "A friend turned me on to it and I haven't played the other set since."

"Bobby Jones played these clubs and Walter Hagen played with these clubs. If they can do it, why can't I do it, too?," Karen Daves chimed in.

"It's a way to go back to the roots and people are taking more of an interest in the architecture and the style and the strategy involved with it," said Adam Varney, who routinely shoots in the 70s with hickory clubs.

Hickory is getting more popular. When the FHG group started three years ago, it had justsix players. Now, there's dozens.

"I haven't played a steel-shaft club since 2006," said Kirchoff. "I absolutely prefer it simple for the fact of, it's kind of how golf was meant to be."

It's not easy swinging hickory. In fact, it can be much harder. I tried and failed. But, that's part of the fun.

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