Hillsborough County Code Enforcement used orange spray paint to mark three small holes in the backyard of a property in Thonotosassa.The holes aren't very big, but they are deep, atleast 15 feet.

"We may have small things like this open up or a depression starting to form.It's nota huge drop out, so it may just be a period of years that things have decayed in the area," said Hillsborough County Code Enforcement officer Robin Caton.

Homeowner Robert Ball happened to notice the depressions forming at the edge of his property, and given what's been happening in nearby Seffner, thought it best to notify the county.

"I thought maybe they were probably just some cavities starting back there, and I found several of them so I thought I should report it," said Ball.

So far, there is no cause for alarm. The holes are at least 100 feet away fromBall's home.

"They can monitor it, they can fill it, or contact their insurance company," said Caton.

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