Sarasota, Florida -- "The Senate got it right," says gun owner Paul Berube after the proposed gun control bill fell six votes short of passing the Senate Wednesday.

Opponents worry the expanded background checks would infringe on Americans 2nd Amendment rights.

Some gun owners at the Knight Trail Park gun range in Sarasota County agree while others say if the motive is safety then the bill should have passed.

Paul Berube takes his 18-year-old grandson Sean to the Knight Trail Park gun range to experience firing a gun for the first time. Does Paul want Sean to be a gun owner?

"If he wants to he's been exposed to it," says Berube.

Sean says going to the range showed him the power behind guns oftenunder mindedin video games and pop culture.

Berube says education and enforcement, not more gun control, is the answer.

"I don't break the law. If I carry a concealed firearm good people will be saved because I'm carrying it rather than more at risk," he says.

But even some gun owners say expanding background checks to include gun shows and Internet sales is worth the inconvenience to help keep guns out of the wrong hands.

"I'm for background checks -- 100 percent I'm for it," says gun owner Gary Bright."Somebody out of prison in parole, with a DUI, a wife beater shouldn't have a gun."

Bright says he believes tragedies like the Sandy Hook shootings could be prevented with tougher laws.

"What happens if those are your kids your grandkids that got killed?"

Gun owner Rich Swier has a different view.

"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun," he argues.

Swier says too often people ignore signs, look the other way and after a tragedy regret not saying something.

Swier says, "It's an individual's responsibility. If a citizen observes something wrong, report it to authorities. That would've been helpful in every case we've seen to date."

Supporters of the bill including President Obama say this is just round one and they will press on.

Obama on Senate gun vote: 'A shameful day'

For now, the Senate will "hit pause" on the gun bill.

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