Tampa, Florida - It is the news everyone was hoping for all along - Jadiel Rosario, the 23-month-old left in a hot car for eight hours on Tuesday, is now listed in stable condition at Florida Hospital in Tampa.

10 News learned the exclusive information late Thursday afternoon about Jadiel's condition.

In addition, neighbors say the active little boy was "moving around" in the hospital and "ready to get up and run around." Those who know the family also say the tubes were removed from the baby's mouth.

The toddler was strapped in his car seat inside the family SUV for eight hours on Tuesday, a day where temperatures broke records into the nineties.

However, as of Thursday afternoon, no criminal charges have been filed against Jadiel's mother and father.

"It was an accident. Our investigators talked with the parents, theirrelatives, and friends," said a Sheriff's spokesperson Wednesday. "Themother and father will not face any criminal charges."

Investigators with the Sheriff's Office have officially turned over their findings to the State Attorney, and the case is considered ongoing.

The Department of Children and Families is conducting its own investigation at this time and could possibly recommend parenting classes to the toddler's mom and dad.

"As you know, in Florida it's unsafe to leave a child in a hot car. It can be deadly," said Mark Carroll from DCF. "Even if they are not charged, there could be intervention from our agency. We are investigating the case right now."

John Roth with Champions for Children has been in social work for 35 years, and currently teaches a parenting class with a focus on fathers. In fact, Roth is the director of FRANC, Fathers Resource and Networking Center, which is a type of boot camp for dads. Click here to learn more.

He says it is important not to jump to conclusions.

"We can not rush to judgement," said Roth. "In cases like this, it can be beneficial for parents to go through classes to make them better parents, because they are still parents."

There are free classes in the area for parents through the organization Baby Bungalow. If you'd like to read more information bout the parenting classes, click here.

The parents, known to keep late hours, returned to their home on 127thStreet in Tampa at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, says the Sheriff's Office.Three children were unloaded one by one, except for the fourth, littleJadiel.

The mother thought the father had him, and the father thought themother had him, sources say. It turns out no one had the 23-month-old.He sat in the car, buckled in the seat until noon, while the family wassleeping inside the home.

The sheriff's office also noted that the toddler's siblings, who are oldenough to go to school -- ages 8 and 7 -- left the home that morning andwalked right past the car where their little brother remained in hiscar seat.

No one thought to look inside.

The toddler was known to "sleep until noon," says the family.

"She is a wonderful mother. Shenever lets those children out of her sight. This was a terribleaccident," Neighbor Sharon Scruggs told 10 News.

A physician we spoke with said that on a day like Tuesday, where thetemperature broke records into the nineties, the car would have reachedmore than 110 degrees in as little as ten minutes.

Leslie Mannis, a longtime Tampa criminal defense attorney, says, "Ifthe State Attorney is going to take a case like this to trial, he has toprove it beyond a reasonable doubt, and in this case it looks like theparents made a mistake."

The parents, Alexander Rosario and Douceaymee Lopez-Alvarez, do not have criminal records.

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