Tarpon Springs, Florida-- By all accounts he's one of the most popular kids on campus...

"He's really, really popular," said student Miranda Campbell. "All the girls think he's cute and he has a lot of friends."

17-year-old Jared Alissandratos is known at Tarpon Springs High for having a good time and throwing parties at his father's waterfront house when no adults are at home.

"When they come over, they have the house to themselves," said next-door neighbor Nancy Ward.

But last Saturday, Tarpon Springs Police say Alissandratos threw a party that quickly got out of hand with plenty of underage drinking.

April 13th Jared posted a picture of empty liquor bottles to his Twitter page. It was that same night a 15-year-old classmate told police she was sexually assaulted at the party after having too much to drink herself.

Investigators say she was taken to a room to lie down where she later claimed she was raped by Alissandratos.

"She's a nice person," said freshman Jordan Cole. He told 10 News he was at the party, but left before things got too crazy.

"After I left I came to school the next day and all I heard was that... the person... that she did this, and this, and that."

Now rumors are swarming around campus about what happened, even blaming the alleged victim.

"Everyone believes Jared and no one likes the girl," said one high school senior. Many others sounded off on Twitter with derogatory comments.

Friends of the 15-year-old call the treatment crewl, on the line of cyber-bullying.

"People have no reason to bash her if she is telling the truth," said Campbell.

Tarpon Springs parent Helena Kindinis was outraged over the treatment of the alleged victim.

"It's her fault for drinking, but it's not her fault for being taken advantage of," said Kindinis. "Absolutely not- absolutely not!"

The suspect was one of four teens to retrieve one of two crosses thrown in 2012's annual Epiphany celebration. He's the latest to end up in trouble with the law.

A family friend says Jared's father, an Epiphany organizer sets up the ring of white boats every year, and years ago was a cross retriever himself.

His son Jared was released today after making a first appearance in court. Police say several other students are under investigation for their potential involvement with the alleged crime.

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