Tampa, Florida - As Boston was in the grips of perhaps the biggest manhunt in its history, travelers heading by air to the Bay Area experienced the issues it caused first hand.

"I got there early to make sure to get through security to make sure everything was still running on time," said Black.

Black was attending a conference in Boston, which ended up being cancelled today because those who attended could not travel around the city.

Authorities stopped train, bus and taxi services throughout the city while they searched for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the two suspected in the Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people.

"It was just weird. It was kind of like a ghost town going through the highway," said Tony Dulac, who came to Tampa on vacation with his family.

While air traffic operated relatively normally, passengers had a hard time getting to the airport to catch their flights.

"(I) had to wait around - taxes were not released for a period of time. The whole city was in shutdown," said Bill Black.

JetBlue, the only carrier with direct flights from Boston to Tampa International Airport, waved change fees for customer flying originating from Logan Airport.

Most all other domestic carriers also waived change fees for those traveling out of Boston on Friday.

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