Franklin Township, Ohio ( -- Is a lion on the loose in Ohio?

That'swhat a Warren County couple thought when they spotted a lion-likebeast in their back yard.

"I've never seen a cat as big as that. It was a pretty good size," said Tina Workman.

Her husband called police. The search is on, but so far, it's turned up no evidence of the animal.

"Isit possible? Anything is possible," said Warren County Sheriff LarrySims. "But I can't confirm anything at all that would verify that therewas in fact a lion."

TheWorkmans spotted the beast Friday morning. Tina said her husband,Weldon, was on his treadmill next to the window and spotted an animallying near the edge of their back yard.

"He said it looked like a deer. He called me over and said, 'What does that look like there?' I said, "A cat."

Tina said the animal appeared to be eating something and cleaning itself, like felines do.

Then it stood up.

"If it was a regular cat like some people think, it was the hugest cat I've ever seen," she said.

She tried to document the sighting.

"I grabbed my camera and was going to take a photo, but my batteries were dead."

The animal fled before authorities arrived. The couple did not try to give chase.

"It just walked away into the weeds," said Workman.

Thecouple has lived in their Marcella Drive home for 20 years and say they've seenplenty of wildlife during that time, but this was a first.

"We've seen deer in our yard. We've even seen cats. But nothing like this."

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