Town 'N Country, FL -- Two fires in two months is enough for Brenda Driver. She plans to leave Harbour Walk as soon as possible.

"All I want is safety and comfort. And they can't give me either," she says.

Driver and other residents say they're worriedby February's faulty electrical fire, and now this week's still-unexplained blaze at the same complex. No one has been injured or killed, but dozens of people have been displaced.

"I'm in a townhouse. I mean, if a fire breaks out in my unit, how am I gonna get out?" asked Driver.

Given the concern, a team of inspectors from Hillsborough County Code Enforcement descended on the property this weekto look for any more electrical problems... and they found them.

According to their report, there were instances of pulled back conduits onair-conditioning units, rusted panel covers, exposed wiring, even electric panel boxes pulled loose from their wall.

"We want them to resolve those right away. That is a life safety issue," saidCode Enforcement Operations Manager Jim Blinck.

Yet as serious as those violations are, Blinck says they're not the kinds of issues that usually start fires.Admittedly, he says he and his team only inspected the units from the outside.

But if Wednesday's fire is determined to again be electrical, it's likely they'll have to get inside as well.

"We may ask management to have licensed electricians come in and check all the connections," said Blinck.

Code Enforcement has given Harbour Walk seven days to take care of the most pressing safety issues and then Blinck says they'll come back out to make sure they've complied.

But he saysHarbour Walkhas a history with them, and thatin 2009 the complex had similar issues.At that time, he says,they had to bring Harbour Walk in front of the county's code enforcement board for them to take action, after initially failing to comply.

The apartment complex, built in 1985, has suffered wear and tear with age. To a degree, Blinck says that's expected.At question is whether it's become a hazard.

And until they know the cause of Wednesday's fire, some residents say it's hard to sleep well at night.

"It's scary. It's real scary," said resident Debbie Swilley.

"The first one was just unexpected, out of nowhere. And then this happening... you don't know, it could happen anywhere," she said.

Code enforcement says it's staying in close contact with fire investigatorsand expects to have a report on the cause of Wednesday's fire sometime early next week.

So far, there's been no comment from Harbour Walk management.

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