They lie in wait.Watching.Crooks targeting the elderly.

"I don't trust anybody."

84-year-old Mary Lou Porter is one of the victims who fell for the scam.Two men, posing as landscapers, walked into her St. Pete backyard and said they saw spiders, but that's the scam, there are no spiders, and they started spraying what they say is acid-based bug spray.It's really water.

"Then, on purpose, he sprayed my hand. It didn't not hurt at all, but the older man inside started screaming to get milk," said Porter. "Then the older one grabbed the milk, reached up, took out a dish and poured it. The younger one said, 'you have to get hands in there oh, but take your rings off take your rings off,' which I stupidly did and he scooped them up and out the door they went just that fast."

Across the Bay in South Tampa, another victim.A woman in her 80's with stage 4 cancer. This time they say they're from the water company and need to check the kitchen. Her son Bruce Hoffnerexplained what happened next.

"Obviously they had an accomplice that went through the rooms while she was being kept occupied in the kitchen," said Hoffner. "They took jewelry and about a grand in cash."

Police say at least 10 robbery scams have taken place on both sides of the Bay.In all cases, the suspects are Hispanic men and have the same MO .... saying they need to get inside your home.

"Get the telephone number of the company they say they are from and tell them to wait outside. Make sure to check them out," said Hoffner.

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