ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- You may have noticed his postgame celebration -- after picking up that final out, Rays closer Fernando Rodneybreaks out his imaginary bow and fires an arrow at the roof.

"I was thinking about doing something after closing the games," he said, "and that's what came to mind."

He began shooting at the sky last year, which was a historic one for Rodney. He set the major league record for lowest ERA in a season ever. He'd never celebrated wins like this before. But the Rays organization made him want to show how much fun he had out on the mound.

"I have more fun here," said the 36-year-old all-star, who already has six saves this season. "(The Rays) love what I do. They trust me. They believe in me and that's why I do all of that kind of thing because they understand me."

His celebrations have caught on with the rest of the Rays roster. After big base hits, batters are looking back towards the dugouts and firing celebratory arrows their way, too.

"It's something cool to do on the offensive side, too, and not just at the end of the game," said infielder Sean Rodriguez. "He gets a kick out of it, too. So, it kind of works."

Hopefully, for Rays fans, we see more arrow flying around the Trop this season.

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