There are fishing guides and then there is Wade Osborne, a licensed USCG Master Captain anda 30 year guide in the Tampa/St. Pete area.

Once I found out aboutCaptain Osborne's resume, the pressure of doing his job became more intense. Even from the beginning, he was calling me out (jokingly)for not having sun tan lotion, an adequatehat and the right sun glasses. As a paying client, having those things wouldn't have been a big deal. As a wannabe guide, I should've known better.

Being out to sea for more than two hours, I realized Captain Wade and I had several things in common: we both use humorous situations in our jobs, we both know a little about a lot (as far as news, sports, entertainment, music, travel), we can talk incessantly, we both enjoy being around people and most importantly, we work hard.

Well, as you'll notice,his work is constant and way harder than mine will ever be.

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