(USA TODAY) YouTube already does a good job of dominating our free time, but this week itreallywants us to slack off at work by kicking offYouTube Comedy Week.

The impressive lineup of participating artists includesSarah Silverman,Vince Vaughn,Conan O'Brien,Rainn Wilson,Tim and Eric,Seth RogenandThe LonelyIsland. Last night the week kicked off withThe Big Live Comedy Show, which featured many of the above names.Watch it here, but note that it's NOT safe for work!

Live shows are planned all week on the site. Also expect daily video premieres fromPaul Scheer,Jenny Slate, Nerdist, the Fine Brothers,The Onionand many others.

Explore all offerings I suggest you start withRicky Gervais' first episode ofLearn Guitar with David Brent:

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