Tallahassee, Florida - Florida's emergency management leaders are really creating a complicated and dangerous scenario for their annual hurricane drill this year.

The state Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee is buzzing with activity as workers respond to two hurricanes hitting Florida at the same time.

The mock storms cause a train derailment in Jacksonville spilling toxic chemicals. Tornadoes hit a hospital in Gainesville and the weather also causes a cargo plane crash that damages chemical tanks in a heavily populated area of Tampa.

Florida Emergency Management Director Bryan Koon says the hurricane exercise is testing the ability of federal, state and local agencies, the military and private sector businesses to respond.

"It's really designed to stress our system to determine what capabilities we have in the state to deal with this kind of situation, what resources we may need to bring from other states or from the federal government, make sure that we are as prepared as we can be for the 2013 hurricane season."

A Harris poll shows people are less likely to prepare for severe weather if they have not experienced a bad storm for several years.

Koon hopes last year's tropical storms and flooding provided a lesson for many Floridians to get ready now for hurricane season.

"We had upwards of two feet of rain and some parts of the state had significant flooding, so there were lots of folks that were impacted by that and will remember that."

Hurricane season starts June 1.

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