Tampa, Florida - Can you tell high fashion from bargain basement? Can you spot the difference between a $200 outfit and a $10 outfit?

We put it to the test on the streets of Tampa.

We hit the stores with Fashion Consultant Kelly Machbitz.At Nordstrom, we pick up a dress for $378 and an outfit for $243.We buy a dress for $127.40 and an outfit for $80.29 at Dillard's.At Marshalls, a $39.99 dress and $49.98 outfit.And at Goodwill, a $10.86 dress and a $9.04 outfit.

Then we asked if people could tell the difference.

Do you want to spend less but look like your clothes are expensive? Machbitz gave us four things to look for to make that happen:

1. Quality fabric and good garment construction are key. Check garments for worn seams, moth holes and broken zippers. Missing buttons are easy to replace, repairing holes and zippers may be impossible or at the very least extremely costly.

2. Know what the current trends are by browsing the internet, checking out high-end retailer displays, and current fashion magazines. Some trends are longer-lasting than others, allowing you to wear the garments longer and get more "bang for your buck."

3. Consider alterations. Shortening a hem or a sleeve, or taking in the waist of a skirt are relatively inexpensive. If the fit isn't quite right, go larger rather than smaller. It is much easier to take in than try to let out.

4. Know what styles work for your body type, and colors that flatter your hair and skin tone. No matter how great the bargain, if it isn't flattering, it isn't worth buying.

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