Tampa, Florida -- A woman barely had time to scoop up her daughter and run as eight families lost everything when a fire tore through their apartment building in Carrollwood.

Some of the people chased from their apartments by fire early Wednesday morning have literally the clothes on their back -- and that's it.

PHOTOS: Woman grabs daughter and runs as fire guts Carrollwood condos

One man headed down the street to a friend's house to get his brother a pair of shoes. He now has none of his own.

For eight families at the Manhattan Palms Condominiums near Manhattan Avenue and Broad Street, their homes and all their belongings are gone.

"The fire was right on top of our building. We just had time to grab our shorts and run," fire victim Rafael Pacheco said.

Firefighters say flames had eaten up half the building before they even got on scene at around 2 a.m. They were forced to attack the blaze from the outside and protect the neighboring buildings in the complex.

Neighbors shook each other out of sleep by banging on each others' windows. No one lingered. Everyone ran for their lives.

"We came out, we realized that our neighbor was still stuck... in his room. So we had to go by the front, open a window to get him out," said Pacheco, who lives on the ground floor.

"I don't have no idea what we're going to do. I've lost everything -- money, clothing, everything."

Jaclyn Gutierrez says she thinks the fire started in her apartment, near the washing machine. She had been dealing with electrical problems in the unit, and says an electrician was due to come out in the next few days.

But she wasn't planning to be in the apartment long. She had bought a new home for her family; moving day was set for this weekend.

They had already boxed up all of their belongings. The boxes were stacked up inside the condo. Now they're all lost -- along with, she's afraid, her two dogs.

"All I could do was grab my daughter," Gutierrez said, as she stood in her pajamas in the parking lot, wiping away tears. "I didn't even think about my dogs."

Workers from Hillsborough County and the American Red Cross are working with the families to find them places to stay and giving them vouchers to buy some new clothes.

A Hillsborough County Fire Rescue spokeswoman said the damage is so severe, a condo association representative told her they don't even intend to try to repair the gutted building.

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