The Metaltex Potato Press offers a different way to make mashed potatoes and other dishes. Try It Before You Buy It team member Yvonne Bradley-Reid gave it a try.

The kitchen gadget resembles a garlic press, but much larger. It comes with three stainless steel interchangeable disks that can be used for mashing potatoes, carrots and more. It can also be used to make sauces and fruit juices.

Yvonne decided to make mashed potatoes. She pre-cooked the potatoes, picked a disk, inserted it into the press, dropped in two small potatoes, squeezed the handles together and out came the potatoes, which resembled noodles. Yvonne found the press worked well andwas easy to use.

TheMetaltex Potato Press sells for around $25 online but we found it atBig Lots for $8.

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