SPRING HILL, Florida -- When it comes to authentic Italian, it doesn't get more real than Chefs of Napoli on Powell Road in Spring Hill.

Owner Luigi Barile says his restaurant has been in business for about 10 years, ever since he moved from Naples, Italy.

"We have pork shanks, we have all fresh seafood, grouper, shrimp, calamari, clams, mussles," says a very proud Barile.

But even though the food may look amazing, a state inspector found problems inside the kitchen that might concern customers.

The restaurant shut down on back-to-back days earlier this month as an emergency closure. The inspector documented 20 violations, six considered high priority. Among the issues were raw eggs stored over cheese and cannoli filling; food not properly date marked; no paper towels at the employee hand sink; live flies in the kitchen; and 18 live roaches found underneath the refrigeration units and throughout the kitchen.

See the state inspection report here

"That's pretty sad," says Mark Top, a retired prison guard from Michigan. "I'm glad somebody is checking and I'm glad they closed it down."

Last week, we stopped in trying to see what things looked like in the kitchen. Chef Barile invited us back into his kitchen where we found authentic Italian cooking.

"Fresh tomato sauce we make almost every day," says Barile.

But we wanted to know if the problems, especially the insect issue, were really corrected.

"It was not like a major issue to me," says Barile, who believes the bugs are coming through the ceiling from an animal facility next door. "It's definitely not a cleaning issue. It's just we're in Florida. Palmetto bugs might come from the back door."

Barile explains closing down for two days gave his staff time to get problems corrected.

"When a place works seven days a week and never sleeps you need some time to catch up."

But on our visit, we found some of the same problems pointed out by the state health inspector a week earlier, including no paper towels at the sink.

"They just ran out," the chef explains.

And remember those raw eggs? They were still right above an uncovered pot of sauce.

But the most alarming find was our discovery of continued roach activity, including both dead and live insects throughout the kitchen.

"We did a couple more bombs yesterday," says Chef Napoli, stomping on a roach running across his kitchen floor. "Obviously, in one day we tried to get it taken care of."

See Chefs of Napoli's full inspection history here.

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