This is Bo (short for Bocephus), who is a Bloodhound/ Black & Tan Coonhound mix. He's about 5 months old, weighs about 40 lbs and was born in a barn in Alabama.

If you follow Suncoast's FB page, you might remember his 3 sisters, Dixie, Flo and Bella, who came here to us last month. Another rescue group in GA was supposed to take Bo and his brother Bubba, but backed out. Bubba found his forever home this weekend and Bo is still patiently waiting.

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Bo will be a large dog when he's fully grown and he's a fun, active boy so a fenced yard will be an adoption requirement for his new home. As long as he gets exercise to burn off his puppy energy, he's very laid back in the house. He's a "velcro dog" who just wants to be with you at all times and is happiest when he can touch you in some way. If you're sitting down, he casually puts his paw on your foot, if you're walking he'll put your hand on his head, etc.

He has the comical, stereotypical hound dawg howl that you expect, but despite that reputation, he's a pretty quiet guy and really only barks at the times when you'd want him to (like when someone is at the door, he hears an odd noise, etc). He LOVES children and other dogs. He's a happy go lucky goofball and you just have to smile when you're with him.

He's very smart, learns new things quickly, is crate trained and is working on house training. He will be a wonderful, loyal best friend.

Bo is currently living with a foster family, so to make an appointment to meet him, please call the Suncoast Animal League office at 727-786-1330.

The Suncoast Animal League is a non-profit, no-kill, no-time limit animal rescue agency, taking in abandoned, abused, homeless and unwanted animals in the Palm Harbor and surrounding areas. Please "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We're located at 1030 Pennsylvania Ave, Palm Harbor, FL 34683.

To donate to the care of Bo, along with our other animals, please visit

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