Here's a newish site (it launched in January) that could save youtime and hassle in figuring out which of the ka-jillion travel-relatedapps are worth downloading.

Applause combsmillions of user reviews from the Apple, Android and Microsoft appstores, and assigns a score ranging from 0 to 100, based on thosereviews. Among factors taken into account are user-friendliness,privacy, content and performance. The average Applause score for allapps (not just travel) is 64.82.

Some takeaways regarding major online booking site apps:

- Kayak on Android scores highest; Travelocity lowest.

- iOS apps get stronger approval from users than Android. Thatsaid, the single app with the overall highest score is the Kayak'sAndroid app.

- Performance and usability ratings for almost all the apps are high.

Following are Applause scores for some top online booking apps:

Kayak (iOS) - 81

Kayak (Android) - 82

Trip Advisor (iOS) - 81

Trip Advisor (Android) - 76

Orbitz (iOS) - 66

Orbitz (Android) - 42

Priceline (iOS) - 61

Priceline (Android) - 46

Expedia (iOS) - 64

Expedia (Android) - 40

Travelocity (iOS) - 24

Travelocity (Android) - 14

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