Largo, Florida-- "I was terrified. I was shaking. I could barely dial the police number."

Linda Sofarelli said she was scared, but she was even more angry that someone would steal from a charity. She runs the RCS Thrift Store in Largo, where all the money collected goes to help the homeless and less fortunate in the community.

"I came out here and they had cleared out this entire case, the top two shelves, and this one over here was empty," said Sofarelli as she pointed from one empty area to another.

The case she is talking about has new items in it now, but it had dozens of expensive watches inside- brands like Fossil, Michael Kors and DKNY- given to the thrift by Dillards with the intention of bringing in more money for people in need.

"It was disturbing. I thought I was gonna be sick I was so upset," Sofarelli said. "We had just been robbed..I mean who robs a charity. It was awful."

Awful because RCS does such good work. Last year the thrift helped more than 450 families, and gave away $26,000 worth of merchandise.

Elain Cuto has worked at RCS for years. She put it into perspective when she said that stealing from the store, is actually stealing from families.

"Whoever did this to us doesn't realize how many people are going to suffer because of it," said Cuto.

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