(CNN) -- In less than 48 hours, Sebastien De La Cruz has become a household name.

The 11-year-old Mexican-American boy's singing of the national anthem in his mariachi outfit caused a stir during game 3 of the NBA finals in his San Antonio hometown Tuesday.

On Thursday night, the Spurs decided to bring back "El Charro de oro" for an encore performance.

Even though he was thesubject of racist comments on Twitter, the San Antonio native was againwearing a mariachi outfit, according to Carlos Manzanillo, corporatecommunications manager at San Antonio Spurs. Manzanillo had no commenton why the Spurs decided to bring back Sebastien.

Sebastien was introducedby San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who stressed how proud he was by histalent and composure over the past few days.

Castro said Spurs coachGregg Popovich expressed disdain for the "idiots" who posted the bigotedcomments and described Sebastien as a "class act"and "way more maturethan most his age."

"To be invited back tosing the national anthem is just amazing because now I know the SanAntonio Spurs like how I sing," Sebastien said. "It makes me feel likeI'm doing something legendary."

Castro posted a response to the controversy on his Facebook page.

"I'm proud of our youngSan Antonio superstar Sebastien de la Cruz for a spectacular renditionof our national anthem at last night's Spurs game. Sebastian, don't let afew negative voices get you down. You are a true talent and yourepresent the best of our nation's future!"

Some might wonder if his encore rendition will attract more negative comments on social media.

However, critics might be more cautious after what happened to Andre Lacey, a firefighter whose tweet caught national attention.

According to an interview with The Augusta Chronicle newspaper in Georgia, Fire Chief Chris James said the firefighter "will be counseled for sure."

Lacey's actions were"completely inappropriate and not acceptable" and "by no means arereflective of the Fire Department's attitude," he said.

Most commenters cited on Tumblr's Public Shaming blog have either taken down their racist tweets or deleted their accounts.

Facebook commenter Gabriel Gemenez said that she had mixed feelings about Sebastien's performance because of his attire.

Those who were offendedprobably wouldn't have lashed out had he worn "slacks or khakis andbutton-down shirt/polo" instead of his mariachi outfit, Gemenez said.

Although the U.S. has notrue background and is made up of different ethnicities, she said, hismariachi outfit only represented Mexico and one should have a "littletaste when you're singing the national anthem."

But it seems the support for Sebastien outweighed the criticism.

Actress and Texas native Eva Longoria said on Facebook, "As a Mexican-American, I am so proud of Sebastien De La Cruz, a great symbol of what America is today! #GoSpursGo!"

Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block showed his support for the young mariachi singer on Twitter: "I'm sorry... But slamming a kid for wearing a mariachi outfit while singing the national anthem is close-minded and bigoted!!!!!!"

"You can love your heritage and love your country at the same time!!! You can respect others culture as well a your own at the same time!!!"

"El Charro de oro" willmake his way up to New York City this weekend for the second New YorkCity Mariachi Conservatory Conference, where he will be singing in thenational anthem competition.

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