Polk County, Florida -- A man was arrested for using blue, flashing lights to get around people in traffic.

LuisVegawas arrested on Thursday, June 13, for impersonating a law enforcement officer and unlawful use of blue lights.

A woman called the Polk County Sheriff's Office after she saw a vehicle traveling behind her at a high rate of speed, with blue flashing lights. She told deputies sheoriginallythough the car was undercover law enforcement but when the car passed her the driver did not appear to be an officer.

The witness encountered the vehicle again, pulled behind it and took a photo of the vehicle and tag.Vegathen exited his vehicle and approached the witness. Reportedly, she toldVegait was against the law to impersonate an officer at which pointVegalaughed and said, "good luck with that"

Later, deputies locatedVegatraveling with his blue lights on.

According to reports,Vegatold deputies he would use the lights to get around people because they thought he was a police officer.Vegatold a deputy, "You can get around so much faster when stupid people are moving out of your way."

Vegawas arrested and booked into the Polk County Jail.

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