Tallahassee, Florida - Lauren's Kids is celebrating a string of victories that humbles the determined founder of the child advocacy group.

Lauren Book dedicates her life to preventing child sex abuse and helping survivors heal.

This year she has won legislative victories at the state Capitol, including the passage of a bill that allows children up to 16 to make out-of-court statements about sexual abuse.

Gov. Rick Scott has also signed a bill creating a "Lauren's Kids" license plate. It will help raise money for the group's education initiatives, such as the sexual abuse prevention curriculum currently used in Florida's kindergarten classes.

"It will continue to fund all of our education initiatives, which are so important because 95 percent of sexual abuse is preventable with education and awareness. So we'll be able to continue those endeavors throughout the state of Florida," said Book.

And right now in the NBA Finals, several players and coaches of the Miami Heat are wearing the bright teal Lauren's Kids wristbands.

Lauren says their support is getting a lot of attention and putting a brighter spotlight on the problem of child sex abuse.

"Having these superhuman guys, who kids look up to and are paying attention to, other people are looking at the issue and it's really exciting."

Pop artist Romero Britto will create a couple of designs for the new Lauren's Kids license plate. Then fans and followers of Lauren's Kids will get a chance to vote online for their favorite design.

The plate will need final approval from the governor and members of the Florida Cabinet and then the nonprofit group will have to pre-sell 1,000 license plates.

Lauren hopes the new license plate will be ready for production by the end of the year - a year of successes that has exceeded her own dreams.

"It's really taken off to a place that I don't even think I knew that we would be at and I'm just really proud."

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