Brooksville, Florida-- An argument over pictures found on her boyfriend's cell phone ended with Maryanne Macnair literally stabbing him in the back, Hernando deputies said Friday.

According to a report, Macnair's boyfriend, Ronald Kottwitz, called the Sheriff's Office to report the incident just after 4:30 Friday morning after leaving their shared home on Bailey Hill Road with a stab wound.

A disagreement over photos that Macnair found in Kottwitz's cell phone quickly turned violent when she reportedly reached under the bed, grabbed a hunting knife and started swinging it at him.

Kottwitz initially dodged her by backing up, but according to the report, his attempt to then run from her wasn't as successful. As he turned around to make his getaway, Macnair stabbed him in the lower part of his back.

Deputies said the two then struggled with one another until he could get the knife from Macnair- causing another wound for Kottwitz in his right hand.

He left and reportedly ran to a nearby family member's home to call the cops. Deputies arrested Macnair for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and are now holding her without bond.

Kottwitz needed two staples for the "small stab wound" in his lower back.

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