Lakeland, Florida-- A Valrico woman lost her life in Lakeland Friday morning after a tragic car accident near Ewell and Hatcher Roads, Polk County Traffic Homicide detectives say.

According to a report, the accident happened just before 11:45 a.m. as the woman, 69-year-old Valerie Harris, was driving west on Ewell Road behind siblings Jack and Olivia Roush, ages 23 and 16.

As they approached Hatcher Road, the report says the Roush's purple, 1971 Volkswagon Beatle attempted to turn left, while at the same time, Harris tried to pass them in her white, Honda Accord.

The cars collided in the intersection, but the impact separated them again and caused them each to continue moving until they crashed into nearby, separate trees.

The report says Harris was not wearing her seatbelt. She died at the scene.

Josh and Olivia were wearing their seatbelts, and were transported to Lakeland Regional Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

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