Cape Canaveral, FL (Florida Today) -- Just one week from its grand opening, the Atlantis exhibit at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is nearly ready.

Thefinal week will be one of fine-tuning inside the $100 million building,though a few public tours have been given a sneak-peek.

"We'reready to go," said Tim Macy, director of project development forDelaware North Companies at the visitor complex. "We're tweaking thesound, and doing color balance" in the theaters.

The exhibit features Atlantis, which flew 33 missions, and gives visitors a 360-degree view of the orbiter from just feet away.

"Thefirst time I saw it, I had tears in my eyes," astronaut Bob Springer,who flew two shuttle missions, recalled. Springer flew on Discovery in1989 and Atlantis the following year.

The90,000-square-foot building also features 60 other exhibits, manyinteractive, which highlight the history of the space program.

The exhibit opens to the public June 29.

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