Tampa Bay, Florida-- In this edition of 60 Minutes Tampa Bay, 10 News reporters bring you news you can use!

Watch:60 Minutes Tampa Bay, Part 1

Find out if your favorite local beach makes the "dirtiest" or "cleanest" list, and while we're there, we'll educate you on riptide safety too.

Watch:60 Minutes Tampa Bay, Part 2

Then, watch investigative reports uncovering everything from shortened yellow lights and increased red light camera tickets, to repairmen and plumbers who "fix" things that aren't broken for big bucks!

Watch:60 Minutes Tampa Bay, Part 3

And can you tell the difference between expensive designer duds and second-hand outfits? See if you can find the look for less.

Original reports from this segment of 60 Minutes Tampa Bay

FL's red light cameras issue more tickets after quiet reduction of yellow light times

Beach Safety: How to survive a rip current

Health reports reveal healthiest and dirtiest beaches

Undercover sting finds problems with plumbing company

Look for less: Can you tell high fashion from bargain basement?!

Do my Job Joe: The mermaid edition

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