Tampa, Florida- Candice Thornton says leaks have been an ongoing issue at The Legacy Apartment Complex on North Boulevard in Tampa. She thought things would get better once a new roof was put on, but she never expected what happened Wednesday.

"I came home to find a complete disaster," said Thornton, who believes contractors repairing the roof were apparently caught off guard by an afternoon thunderstorm.

"Everything was soaking wet. When I stepped on the carpet, you could hear it go 'squishhh'- you could hear the water in it."

Photos: "Unlivable conditions" after roof repairs allow rain leak

Other residents in her building had similar problems.

"This was the fault of the roofers that they hired. I don't know if they didn't watch Channel 10 News that day to see what they weather report was, because clearly, I looked on my phone at work and I knew it was going to rain two hours before it rained."

Crews brought in heavy duty fans and humidity removers, but Candice says conditions remain almost unlivable.

"There are cords everywhere. There are big machines everywhere. We can't comfortably do anything in here."

No one from the apartment complex wanted to speak on camera, but management says they've been doing what they can to help affected residents.

"First thing in the morning, by 9 a.m., they had people out there sucking up the water," said neighbor Matthew Owers who also had water in his apartment. "I don't know what else they could do."

But Thornton and others disagree. She and her three-year-old daughter have been forced to find a new place to stay, all while still paying rent for her apartment.

"Quite honestly, it's like I'm paying to stay in hell."

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