ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - A stunt plane with a wing-walker sitting on the upside down plane crashed at an airshow near Dayton Ohio.

Jane Wicker and her pilot, Charlie Schwenker, were killed in the crash at the show taking place at the Dayton International Airport.

Video shows the plane upside down as Wicker crawls into the wing as the plane tilts, crashes into the ground, and explodes into flames in front of a crowd of onlookers.

"I never thought I would see anything like that. It's nothing you'd ever want to see and it's instant horror," said witness Tonya Whittaker.

The airshow was cancelled after the crash took place.

"This is a tragedy for what is a very small community and our thoughts and prays go out to those two individuals and their families," said Terrence Slaybaugh, Dayton's director of aviation.

Local authorities say they will work with the FAA to decide what caused the crash.

Back in April, Wicker performed at the Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland.

"She had probably one of the most dynamic wind-walking showmanship there is," said Wayne Boggs, safety director at the Sun 'n Fun.

Boggs, a friend of Wicker for the past 10 years, described her as professional, always keen of safety, and never took unnecessary chances during her death defying wing-walk.

Boggs said her high-flying acrobatics paled in comparison to her work on the ground such as encouraging children to take up aviation. "Especially young little ladies, and to inspire them to get into some type of aviation," said Boggs.

Wicker leaves behind two sons and a fiancé, who Boggs said witnessed the entire incident from the stands.

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