When it comes to microwave popcorn, burnt popcorn is the number one concern. According to Pop Secret, more than 400 people tweet about burning their popcorn every week!

That's why they decided to make the "Perfect Pop" app.

Perfect Pop listens to the pops coming from the microwave to find the precise moment when your popcorn is perfectly done- or so they say.

The 10 News Taste Testing Team happens to agree that popcorn probs definitely put a damper on movie night, so we tried the app with hopes of making those a thing of the past.Before we tell you how it went...

Here's how it works:

Download thefree app from the app storeby searching "Perfect Pop."

Put a bag of Pop Secret in the microwave and enter the suggested cook time from the packaging. Perfect Pop is designed specifically for the sounds of pop secret popcorn, so they warn that other brands may not work.

Next, open the app, select your bag size and place or hold your phone as close as possible to the microwave. Make sure the bottom microphone on your phone is pointed toward the microwave. The room should also be quiet.

Start the microwave and then start the app, and don't forget to make sure your volume is turned up.

When your Pop Secret is ready, Perfect Pop should alert you to stop your microwave.

We followed those instructions, and...

We had minimal success. The app needed to be relaunched after the first try, and once it was relaunched, it only alerted us that the bag was ready when the microwave beeped that it was done.

Bottom line: The 10 News Taste Test team liked the concept of the app, we feel that it may still need some work.

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