Wednesday's landmark decisions by the Supreme Court are cause for celebration for LGBT Americans.The high court struck down DOMA, and refused to overturn a California appellate court's ruling on Proposition 8.

St. Pete's Pride celebration is the largest in the southeast attracting 100-thousand people, and after the court's ruling, organizers are bracing for even more.

"As a result of the ruling, we are expecting an additional 20 to 30,000 people for a total of about 150,000" said Pridefest executive director Eric Skains.

Pridefest 2013 kicks off this year with a concert at the State Theater on Central.On the parade route between 22nd and 28th street, the streets are dressed, stages are in place and the lights are up ... signaling the big party is ready to commence.

This night, final preps are being completed, and emotions are running high after a monumental ruling by the high court changes the political and social landscape for millions of Americans.

"I think it's a huge decision.I didn't think it would affect me, but when I woke up and heard the news, it actually brought tears to my eyes because I realized I am somebody now," said Michelle Vigil.

"It means a lot. For all the years we were told no, that we weren't allowed to marry, this levels the playing field. We have been fighting for this for decades. Now, we are finally being recognized as true equal citizens who can love who we choose," said Skains.